Have a nice day

We shall have no more dominion here;

For we are a plague of locusts,

Which is like totally unacceptable

(know what I mean?)

Plus it’s inappropriate.

For where there is forest, we create desert;

Where there is plenty, we create hunger;

Where there is peace, we create discord;

Where there is innocence, we corrupt it;

Where is laughter, our actions stifle it;

Where there is light, we bring darkness;

Where there is a teeny weeny chance of happiness,

We’re sure to fuck it up.


To make matters worse,

Some of this is done with good intentions,

Those fancy paving-stones along the road

Which brought us here.

And now the sweet forbidden fruits

Have fed our pride and folly,

And soon we shall have no more dominion.

For those with ears to hear,

The clock is ticking, loud as a breaking heart,

And time is nearly up.

Have a nice day.