Toil and trouble

for double bass, piano
7 mins.
April 2009

1. Underground
2. Perpetual Motion

Programme notes

Toil and trouble was written in response to an invitation from the Associated Board, who were looking for new repertoire for their double bass syllabus. I had already given them a small piece called Lazybones for the lower grades (2 or 3); but something was also needed at an advanced level. These two pieces were composed in April 2009. The first, Underground, is for unaccompanied bass, and is a short set of variations on a partially stated ground bass. The second, Perpetual motion, was suggested by a video on the internet of a so-called perpetual motion machine: a revolving device with an extra rotor arm which every so often was whipped out by centrifugal force to create new impetus.

Giles Swayne May 2009