for Freebass accordion
11 mins.

Squeezy was written between February and April 1994, in response to a commission from the Royal Overseas League, London. It seems to be jinxed by disaster. The young Scottish accordionist for whom it was originally written suffered a serious physical and nervous breakdown, and his recital was cancelled. Eight years later, the piece was programmed in the Park Lane Group Young Artists Series, on London’s South Bank; but the Chinese accordionist scheduled to play it was summoned back to China two days before the performance. Another seven years later, the world premiere was scheduled for January 9th 2009, when the brilliant young Polish accordionist Rafal Luc was due to play it – once again in the Park Lane Group’s Young Artists Series.  He played the first two movements with great virtuosity and expressivity; but then THE CURSE OF SQUEEZY struck yet again: a key on his instrument stuck down, and he had no alternative but to stop and leave the platform. So Squeezy still awaits its first complete performance.  Watch this space . . .

Programme notes

Squeezy lasts about eleven minutes, and its form corresponds roughly with the old quick-slow-quick layout of the traditional sonata. The first movement is in truncated sonata form, the second is a simple arioso, and the third is a miniature rondo.

Giles Swayne 2008