CRY Opus 27 
 80 mins | 1979 |Publisher: Novello & Co Ltd
28 amplified voices & electronic treatment
Commissioned by the BBC. First performed by the BBC Singers under John Poole (without amplification or electronic treatment) in a studio recording in December 1979. The live premiere was given by the same performers at St John's, Smith Square, London on 9th October 1980. This time the voices were individually amplified but untreated by electronics. In the autumn of 1982 the Netherlands Chamber Choir performed the work under Nicholas Cleobury at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. For the first time, electronic treatment was applied to the voices, and a cue-sheet made which has been used in all subsequent performances. On 22nd August 1983, CRY was given an entire late night Prom in the Royal Albert Hall, London: the BBC Singers under John Poole. In 1985 the same performers recorded the piece on a vinyl LP issued by BBC Enterprises; this recording was later taken over by the NMC label and transferred to CD. The BBC Singers sang it under John Poole at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Lon spacer